Otrivin Baby Saline.

Nasal Drops/Spray

Otrivin Baby Saline is an isotonic saline solution, with saline concentration adjusted to gently cleanse a baby's nose. The solution contains aloe vera, which is known for its moisturizing and soothing properties. Otrivin Baby Saline Nasal makes excess mucus and crusts softer and thinner, making it easy to remove them

Otrivin Plus Nasal Spray

Snuffles or nasal congestion is a problem commonly experienced in infants and children.1 However trivial it might sound, it becomes a point of concern if not treated well on time, because children are obligate nasal breathers. They breathe from their noses only. A blocked nose can make it difficult for them to breathe, sleep, and even feed.2

Worry not! Otrivin Baby Saline can help them get relief from their blocked nose. Otrivin Baby Saline with benefits of aloe vera helps to loosen the viscous nasal discharge produced in the nose. It also enhances the working of tiny hair-like structures lining the nasal cavity called the cilia. Thus, it gently cleanses and moisturises the nasal cavities, helping improve sleep in babies.

  • How it works

    Otrivin Baby Saline is an isotonic solution that washes away the excess mucus present in the nasal passage. It also cleans nasal cavities to help eliminate pathogens (bacteria / viruses), allergens, pollutants and fine particles that might have entered your child’s nose from the air. Otrivin Baby Saline has the goodness of aloe vera that provides further moisturisation to the baby’s nasal passage.

  • How to use

    Instructions for use of Otrivin Baby Saline:


    1. Clean nose, remove the bottle cap
    2. Lean forward, insert nozzle into nostril
    3. Squeeze the bottle hard in the center once and breathe in gently
    4. Remove the nozzle from the nostril & then release the pressure on the bottle
    5. Repeat for the other nostril and replace the cap after use


    1. Clean the nose, remove the bottle cap
    2. Tilt the head backwards
    3. Apply drops into the nostril without the nozzle touching the nose and remain still for a short time
    4. If the drop misses the nose completely, repeat the dose
    5. Repeat for the other nostril

    The usual recommended dose for Otrivin Baby Saline is:

    Children below 2 weeks: Please consult a paediatrician 

    Children above 2 weeks and up to 2 years with adult supervision: 1-2 drops into each nostril as needed.

    Children > 2 years: 1-2 spray or drops per nostril as needed.

    The usual frequency of use is 2 to 4 times a day per nostril or as advised by the doctor.

    Caution: Please consult your paediatrician before beginning any treatment. The frequency and duration of treatment should be strictly according to the advice of the doctor. Otrivin Baby Saline is suitable for infants, children and adults. Seek medical advice before using Otrivin Baby Saline in an infant less than 2 weeks old. For children below 11 years, Otrivin Baby Saline should be used under adult supervision.


  • Product information

    When to use
    Otrivin Baby Saline can be used to gently cleanse the nasal cavities when your child has a blocked nose due to cold, allergic condition, or pollutants. It can also be used in case of minor nasal irritations caused by low humidity.

    Sodium Chloride I.P…..0.74% w/v in an isotonic aqueous buffered vehicle containing Aloe Vera.
    Preservative: Benzalkonium Chloride I.P …..0.02% w/v

    Do not use this product if your child is allergic to any of the ingredients. It should not be used after any other medicated local nasal product.

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