How to use Otrivin Oxy Fast Relief Nasal Spray to ease a blocked nose?

A blocked nose can really get you down. Nasal congestion can be caused by several things, including the common cold, sinusitis or allergic rhinitis (congestion due to allergic conditions). Whatever the cause be, you might consider using an over-the-counter nasal spray like Otrivin to help ease your congestion.

There are several different types of nasal spray. Some contain medications to target the biological processes going on in your nose, and some use natural ingredients like salt water to gently clear your nose.

Learn more about nasal sprays, as well as how to use nasal spray to help relieve sinus problems, allergies and other forms of nasal congestion, below.

Why is my nose blocked?

Inflammation of the mucous membranes in the nose leads to swelling and congestion of the nasal passages. Nasal congestion hinders breathing, leading to the build-up of thick mucus in the nose. This can lead to a frequent desire to blow the nose, as well as disturb sleep and cause snoring. In short, nasal congestion can have a considerable negative impact on daily life.1,2 

There are many common causes of nasal congestion, including:1,2

  • Upper respiratory viral infections (common cold or flu)
  • Allergic rhinitis
  • Sinusitis

Of these, the cold is one of the most common causes, affecting adults globally, and young children globally. Nasal congestion is the most common symptom among common cold sufferers.1,2 

What is a Nasal Spray?

Nasal sprays are medicines that you spray into your nose to reduce inflammation and congestion. They are sprayed directly into the nostrils (nasal passage). Nasal sprays are commonly used to treat allergies and persistent rhinitis (inflammation of the nose).3

The correct technique to use nasal spray will help the medication work more effectively.3

Nasal sprays vary in shape and size, but the technique remains the same and instructions will come with the product. You will need to prime the nasal spray if you have not used it before, or if you have not used it for a few days.

Always follow the usage instruction provided in the label when using any form of nasal spray.3

Unblock your nose with an Otrivin Nasal Sprays.5

If you’re looking for fast and effective relief from nasal congestion, try Otrivin Oxy Fast Relief nasal spray (for adults and children above 12 years of age). It starts to unblock a congested nose in 25 seconds.4,5 The solution is applied directly inside the nose, quickly opening up the nasal passages to help relieve congestion and allowing you to breathe normally.

What’s more, Otrivin Oxy Fast Relief nasal spray continues to act for up to 12 hours– providing quick and long-lasting relief from nasal congestion. 4,5

How to use Otrivin Oxy Fast Relief Nasal Spray.5


For adults and adolescents 12 years of age and above as:

Spray: 1 spray into each nostril, 1 to 2 times daily, as needed.

Drops: 2 to 3 drops into each nostril, 1 to 2 times a day, as needed.

Minimum dosing interval: 8 hours.

Do not exceed 2 applications of Otrivin Oxy daily into each nostril. It should not be used for more than 10 consecutive days. If symptoms persist, consult your doctor.

Not recommended for use in children aged 6 to 11 years, except on the advice of a doctor.

Instructions to administer Otrivin Oxy are as below:

Spray: To produce a fine spray, Otrivin oxy bottle should be held upright with the nozzle pointing upwards. Be careful not to spray in the eyes.

  1. Clean your nose.
  2. Remove the bottle cap.
  3. Lean slightly forward and insert the nozzle into a nostril.
  4. Squeeze the bottle hard in the center once and breathe in gently at the same time. Remove the nozzle before releasing the pressure on the bottle.
  5. Repeat for the other nostril.
  6. Clean and dry the nozzle before replacing back the cap after use.
  7. To avoid possible spread of infection, the spray should only be used by one person.

Consider your options to unblock your nose.

Otrivin offers a range of nasal decongestant products for adults and children. If you’re looking for a way to help ease your child’s nasal congestion, try Otrivin Paediatric Nasal Drops (For children from 1 - 11 years of age)6. To help clear a blocked nose and to provide further moisturisation, reach for Otrivin Moist A Nasal Drops and Otrivin Moist P Nasal Drops.5

Otrivin Breathe Clean can be used for daily nasal cleaning. It is a nasal wash that helps to clean pollutants, germs, and allergens from the nasal passage thus maintaining nasal health.5

You should always ask your doctor, which Otrivin product is best suited for your condition before initiating a treatment.


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