A cold is a viral infection that can be caused by more than 200 different viruses, spread by coughs and sneezes6. You’ll know you’ve caught one if you start suffering from a sore throat, blocked nose, cough, fatigue or a sudden fit of sneezes7. A cold is a nuisance, but your symptoms should fade after a few days and clear up within a week8.

If the cold catches you, there are a few ways to get some relief whilst you recover.
Nasal irrigation, steam treatments and air humidifiers are great for relieving a blocked nose
9, or a nasal spray if you want instant relief on the go10. Drink plenty of fluids to keep hydrated and flush out the infection and rest up11. And if you’re brave, some people swear by eating spicy foods to ease congestion!

Antibiotics won’t help a cold as they’re designed to treat bacteria, not a virus. It’s best to save antibiotics for the times when you need it, to avoid building up a resistance to their powers12.

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